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  • Choose colors for your blog title, posts titles, content, links and sidebars.


  • Choose fonts for your blog title, posts titles, content and sidebars.



  • Show or hide many features!
  • Optional tweet button.
  • Optional Facebook 'like' button.
  • Optional Pinterest button.
  • Optional Reddit button.
  • Display your sidebar on either side!
  • Customize your blog with uploadable images!
  • The default background for the wrapper, content and sidebars is a single black pixel with 50% transparency, which creates several different shades when they overlap.
  • Get creative with tones, transparencies and fades! Many different looks can be acheived with Redux Redux!
  • Custom wrapper and content widths
  • Change the radius of the rounded corners; enter '0' for square corners.
  • Uses high-res images!
  • Enter custom text or HTML here for a permanent message on your blog's home page. Think of it as a 'sticky post'. Delete the text and the box disappears from your page too.


To install this theme:

1. copy the code available above.
2. go to your Tumblr blog and click ‘Customize’ in the upper right
3. click ‘Edit HTML’ on the left.
4. delete the existing code and paste the new one in the editor.
5. click ‘Update Preview’, then ‘Save’ and you’re done!

Regularly updated - follow and check back for new features!

Thanks for checking out Redux Redux!

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